The Origin - 1983

Oblik dates back to 1983 when it used to be a watchmaking powerhouse in Germany. After over 30 undistinguished years of high-end watchmaking, Oblik had become a household name for its quality and precision in the local market.


Dwelling on the past, Oblik was soon established as an individual brand and its operations were expanded into Europe through dealer networks.

And recently in 2020, the Online store was launched to take the brand and the craft beyond the geographical borders of Europe.

We take great pride in our heritage and craftsmanship that we've marinated over time.   

Our Mission

We invest a great deal of experience and expertise in creating something that deserves your time and attention. 

Being in the watch industry, we know what good materials mean to the world and we strive to offer a product ownership experience that's second to none.

All of our articles are made from premium materials and we keep striving to offer the maximum at a minimum.